The structural design of this house boat give thrust to Kerala’s ‘Kettuvallam’ strictly conforming to the safety, security and Stability Heel Tests conducted by the Ports Department, Government of Kerala as per the Kerala Inland Vessels Rules 2010. A cruise aboard in this luxury house boat pleasantly registers impressive views of majestic expanse of back waters, migratory birds, palm fringed frames and fishermen folks in their charming routine life of Kerala. It is not just a house boat that we got it ready for you. It is a home as cozy and pleasant as the one in which you live with all amenities and facilities you need to rest and relax as you glide along. The premium class and character of the structural design and the cruise services scheduled in Lake Safari will give you total relaxation to your mind and rejuvenation to the body. It provides tranquility and serenity to the traveler to replenish his spirits and to recharge his energy.

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